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* Marine Bean XXL, Marine Bean XL and/or Marine Bean Chair.

Nimbus Air Chair

Uniquely comfortable and unmistakebly stylish, the Nimbus Air Chair is the luxury air-filled poolside seating that you can use in the pool.

I have had the pleasure of offering discerning owners and guests the luxury of enjoying the many wonderful products Coast makes. Over the years, on most of the large yachts I have been operating, we had Coast bean bags, towels and cushions. The materials never faded or got water logged in some harsh environments, including long sunny days, doused with sea spray, rain, and even through arctic conditions. The quality is so impressive and styling to match a yacht designers taste.
I highly recommend using Coast for stylish, quality, reliable products.
Gareth Sheppard, Captain, MY The Big Blue, MY Fortunate Sun & MY Felix